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OPTOMAP Retinal Exam

The Optomap takes just minutes to perform; it is fast, painless, and comfortable for patients. It is particulary helpful when you return for your annual exam as it provides a permanent record of the condition of your retina. Dr. James will compare each year's Optomap image side by side to discover even subtle changes and monitor your continuing eye health. Early detection of retinal disorders is critical to preventing serious progression and loss of vision.

Laser Vision Correction

In addition to our examination and treatment credentials, Blvd Eyes offers FREE laser correction consultations. Dr. James is certified in the care of laser refractive surgery patients, and her practice is affiliated with one of the area's largest and most well-respected laser vision correction centers. In addition, Dr. James has had laser vision correction herself and can speak on the subject from firsthand experience. We have long-standing established relationships with family doctors and surgeons, as well as primary care physicians and specialists in the areas of retina, glaucoma, neurology, eyelids, and cornea and can coordinate referrals to these specialists, should the need arise. We also work closely with a patient's medical doctor to coordinate the best care possible.


Blvd Eyes provides the latest in contact lenses, bifocal/tinted lenses, and designer frames at affordable prices. We can meet your contact lens needs, whether you are looking for cosmetic/tinted, disposable, overnight, astigmatism, or bifocal lenses. Our line of designer eye wear includes Fendi, Christian Dior, Nike, Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo and BCBG. We offer both prescription and nonprescription sunglasses as well as eyeglass accessories. Patients can either come to our office for a thorough examination by our in-house staff or bring a prescription from another eye doctor for us to fill.

Blvd Eyes offers convenient office hours to make your visit as easy as possible. We are ready to meet your eye care needs.

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